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ICEPAY offers different APIs to use in your projects. The API 2 is the latest API provided by ICEPAY. Compared to API 1, the ICEPAY API 2 is easier to integrate into your projects and it offers more flexibility in development. The API 2 offers a wide range of possibilities to manage the payment methods in your webshop, even better than with the API 1. This will lead to a better user experience for your customer and a higher conversion rate in your webshop!

NOTE: ICEPAY API 2 is only available for PHP and not compatible with the API 1. Previous ICEPAY API versions are available for both PHP and .NET.

Web Service

You can use our Web Service via the API 2. The benefit of using the API 2 is that it is not necessary to write your own code to be able to use all web service functionality.


The ICEPAY API 2 offers several new features compared to the API 1:

  • Easy integration in your project

It is now even easier to integrate the ICEPAY API in your project. With API 2 you can use ICEPAY status codes constants, you can hook the API logger to your own project logger and it is possible to load the payment methods programmatically.

  • Programmatic loading of payment methods

From now on it is possible to load the payment methods and their corresponding issuers programmatically. For example, you can retrieve the payment methods as an array.

  • Filtering payment methods

It is possible to locally filter your payment methods on important parameters. You are able to show a selection of payment methods relevant to your webshop. For example, you can choose to show only the payments methods that use USD as currency. Filtering is possible by country, language, currency and amount.

  • More Flexibility

The new API offers more flexibility in development. For example, you can configure several settings and decide which payment methods will be loaded. Several API methods have been added to simplify and secure the implementation.

  • Special classes for postback and success/error pages

The new module offers tuned classes to capture the postback and the returning customer.

  • Pre-Post parameter validation

The new API validates the specified data before a call to ICEPAY is made.

  • Log functions

The new log function offers the possibility to write to the screen, a document or your own log function. The accuracy has been upgraded from minutes to seconds.

  • Updates

The payment method classes are separated from the main API classes. This way, you can update your payment method folder with new payment methods or your own payment method scripts without the need to write new code.

  • Sample scripts

The API 2 comes along with sample scripts and examples of best practices. This way, you can directly start working with API 2.

NOTE: this new API 2 version of ICEPAY is only suitable if you work in PHP. We advise users of . NET to (keep) work(ing) with ICEPAY  API 1.